February 01, 2012

The "New York Times" traveled to Hamburg - and liked it :-)

Well, at least one of their editors did. The NYT has a feature in their travel section called "36 hours" where they visit cities around the world for 36 hours and tell you what they have done during this time. This can be a great timeline with tips on where to go for someone who visits Hamburg for the first time.

This is the first time that I link to an external site from my blog for someone elses view on Hamburg. But I really think that the author hit the bull's eye with his introduction to Hamburg: "NO one tells you how pretty Hamburg is."

That is the main reason why I'm writing this blog about Hamburg. Munich, Heidelberg or Berlin seem to be the main cities that international tourists visit when they come to Germany. But after Berlin, Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and deserves more attention. And it is pretty! :-)

So hop over to see what the New York Times has to say about Hamburg if you don't want to take my word for it ;-)

New York Times special - 36 hours in Hamburg


Jan's Travel and Tours said...

Hamburg is really a beautiful place, I want to visit it one day. Thanks for the post.

Jan's Travel and Tours said...

Nice post...keep it up!