May 31, 2007

Hamburg Beach!

Hamburg Beach!
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So you think that a Metropolitan City that is not located directly on an Ocean does not have a beach? Then you should sit down now as you might look at the world differently from now on!

OK, maybe it is not such a big deal for you, but it is for us "Hamburger" (since I started this blog, I have been wondering if I should rather call us Hamburgians? What do you think?)

Anyway, there seems to be a rumor floating around that the weather in Hamburg is pretty crappy. And yes, there were Summers in the past where one could have argued, that we are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful city - but God must have wanted it to be not too perfect. I admit that the sun does not shine as much as we would like it to. Although the past few summers have been awesome (to my recollection anyway) in Hamburg, sunshine is really celebrated.

Hamburg has probably the highest density of convertibles of any German city. So at temperatures just above freezing and a few sun rays, you will see some nuts people driving with their tops down in their convertible!

Other ways to appreciate the sun include hanging out and playing soccer in one of the countless public parks, sitting at the city lake "Alster" (or on one of the many other smaller lakes) barbecuing or going to the beach. Now, with the Baltic Sea and the North Sea so close, you can have saltwater touching your feet and sand accumulating in your shorts as quick as an hour drive from Hamburg (go to Timmendorfer Strand for example). But if you find it too much of a hassle to be stuck in the big "Beach rush" on the Autobahn, you might as well walk, bike or go by bus to the "Elbe Beach". If you don't mind looking at the worlds 8th largest Container Port at work across from your beach towel and Astra (Hamburg brewed) beer, this could actually have a very unique charm.

If you like it a bit more hip and loungy, there are also a few beach clubs with pool, hammocks and all day "Cafe del Mar" tunes accommodating your chilled drink of choice.

You are planning a beach holiday in the near future? Maybe Hamburg during the summer time should find a place on your list :-)

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