May 28, 2007

Spacestation Hamburg?

Originally uploaded by HamburgCam.

Today is a national holiday in Germany. I was all excited to go out and take some nice photos for my blog, but Murphy and his highly annoying law came in my way! It has been cloudy and raining the whole day long :-(

My only chance for "dry" photography was indoors or actually undergrounddoors. I have been wanting to take a photo of the Gaensemarkt (Gänsemarkt) Station for a long time. To me, it always looked like the hallway of a space station. Thanks to the bad weather it was very empty and therefore a perfect location for me and my Canon. Eat that, Murphy!

If you care to see a map of the Hamburg subway, tube or underground lines (what ever you call them) click on the photo below for a nice and big view of it.

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Jean Chia said...

hey! i like your photo of the subway! Keep it up!! :)