January 06, 2010

Winter has a pretty tight grip on Hamburg these days. Tonight we are expecting -10°C / 15°F. If it stays this cold we might be ice skating on lake Alster within 10 days.

I remember that we walked on lake Alster almost every year in the late 70's *note to myself - I'm getting old*. The last time we were able to go onto the lake was in 1997, so everyone keep your fingers crossed.

But for now, let's take a photo winter stroll around the lake...

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Some take the stroll around the lake on cross-countrie skis.
Although, this is not a common sight ;-)

Race rowingboats tightly stowed fot the winter at
Rudergesellschaft Hansa.

Abandoned pontoon

The Alsterdampfer stopped their regular scheduled service.
They will go out on special tours as long as the ice thickness
is below 10cm or approx. 4 inches.

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